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Tarot Spread – Ancestry: Connection & Healing

In the spiritual/metaphysical world there are a ton of different views on ancestry. Some people tie our ancestors to past lives we’ve lived, some believe we choose our ancestry upon birth to give us a specific perception or lens as a way to view life, others believe our ancestry is completely random. Regardless of your beliefs, this tarot spread will help identify intergenerational life lessons, traits and patterns.


Musings of Our Human Experience: Depth

Today while journaling I got the idea to search for a past July 20th journal entry that I’d written. I found an entry I wrote on this day two years ago – July 20, 2016. It still resonates with me today although I have not thought about this topic since I wrote it 2 years ago. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if it resonates with you too and what thoughts you may have: