Free Tarot Spread Directory

Free tarot spreads for you to use to improve your practice and gain insights into yourself and the world around you.

I create these spreads as a gift from me to you. I hope you enjoy!

Short Daily Spreads

Simple Daily Spread
Allowing Yourself to Bloom

Spirit Guides/Angels – Connecting with the Divine

Spirit Guides
Help from Spirit Guides
Channeling Spirit Guides
Angel Guidance
Law of Attraction
Dream Analysis
Manifesting Abundance

Relationship with Yourself

Increasing Self-Love
Self-Improvement & Awareness
Examining Your Mental Health
Finding Your Passion
Healing Your Inner Child
Unlock Your True Potential
Hierarchy of Needs
Golden Ratio – Journey to the Centre of Yourself
Manifest Your Desires
Unleash Creativity

Relationships with Others

All About Love
Better Understand Others
Evaluating Relationships
Improving Relationships
Offering Support & Guidance

Change and New Experiences

New Adventures
Trusting the Universe
Travelers Edition
Making the Right Decision
Insights to Your Journey
Leaving the Past Behind
Moving Forward
Spiritual Space Clearing
Overcome Procrastination

Mindfulness / Stress Relief Spreads

Emotional Baggage
Releasing Trauma
Correcting Bad Habits
Coping with Burnout & Fatigue
Stress Relief
Why Am I Sad – Shades of Blue
Facing Life’s Challenges
Seeing the Bigger Picture

Chakra Focused Spreads

Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Third Eye
Crown Chakra

Physical Health

Improving Eating Habits

Time of Year/Lunar Focused Spreads

Winter Solstice
Full Moon
Solar Eclipse

Past Lives

Exploring Past Lives

Understanding Animals

Animal Whisperer