Reid March 12 2017


Hi, I’m Reid.
A plant lover exploring vibrational frequencies – I am a psychic, a nurturer and a visionary.

I enjoy most anything that has to do with spirituality (new age and authentic), trying different divination tools and I am an intuitive healer. I receive message from Spirit and have been practicing sharing these messages for the past few years.

My life revolves around spiritual growth and I take my task of following my Divine path very seriously.I am always happiest when engaging in abstract thinking, especially with another person.

I seek to raise collective consciousness – aimed at creating a utopian planet where we can all be safe, equal and free.

I write the posts on this website as the information comes to me; quickly and without very much thought or intention. I consciously try not to edit the blog posts because I want them to be my authentic thoughts.

This is an open community where we share, learn and grow together with love and acceptance.

Feel free to connect if you feel compelled to.
You can find me on
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I surrender to the transforming powers of the Divine. I am an open channel for creative energy.

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