What started out as a blog dedicated to some of my journal entries quickly evolved into what it is today, a website filled with tarot spreads for you to use in your own practice.

I create my tarot spreads based on readings I have personally done, things I see in the world around me, recommendations from you, and even sometimes out of nothing but a random shower thought or dream.

I truly want nothing more than to share my ideas with my readers. To hopefully inspire you to better your tarot practice, yourself as a person, your clients and anyone else you come in contact with.

I write the posts on this website as the information comes to me; quickly and without very much thought. I consciously try not to edit my blog posts or tarot spreads because I want them to be my authentic thoughts – without too much tweaking. I used to be hard on myself creatively but have learned to just let it go and post it!


I surrender to the transforming powers of the Divine. I am an open channel for creative energy.

Hi, I’m Reid Keera.
I’m just a plant lover exploring vibrational frequencies.

My life revolves around spiritual growth and I take my task of following my Divine path very seriously.  I’m originally from the prairies but currently living on the West Coast experiencing the big city life (but very much missing the stillness of the prairies).

moon.jpgI am deeply connected to spirituality and holistic healing. I have a passion for alternative spiritual thought and metaphysics – this is a huge umbrella of ideas and exploration that will take lifetimes to explore.

I love trying new and different divination tools – scrying, pendulum and of course tarot. I have a natural innate gift for mediumship, although I am not drawn to work with it at this time (ironically).  I receive message from Spirit and have been practicing decoding and sharing these messages for the past 5+ years.

When I’m not working on Emerald Lotus I love spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. I’m also a woman of many hobbies and interests. Basically anything you ask me to do, I’m happy and eager to try – I love exploring new activities!

I also spend a lot of my free time traveling. I live quite modestly so that I can travel the world. In the past few years I have visited Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, India, Nepal and many North American cities – my favorites being New Orleans, Austin, San Francisco and of course my hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This is an open community where we share, learn and grow together with love and acceptance.

Feel free to connect if you feel compelled to! I am happy to reply to every message and email.

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