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Tarot Spread – Seeking Inspiration

Are you lacking inspiration? Tired of the way you're doing something? Want to try something new? Need help problem solving? Are you experiencing a creative block? This tarot spread has your back.

I love using the tarot as a problem solving tool. It’s such a great resource to point yourself in the right direction or at least get an idea of why you’re feeling a certain way.

I created this tarot spread when I was looking for some tarot spread inspiration. You guys know that I share weekly spreads with you and sometimes I really have to work to try to come up with something valuable to share (especially after so many tarot spreads have already been created!). As with most issues in my life, I decided to create a tarot spread to help me out and before I was even done the full reading I had inspiration for 3 more spreads! Intention is a wonderful thing.

Although I created this tarot spread with creative inspiration in mind I realized that it could also be used for any other situation when you’re looking for inspiration.

You can use this tarot spread for inspiration in regards to:

  • A diet or food routine
  • Decor inspiration
  • Updating your clothing style
  • Career choices/changes
  • New or existing hobbies
  • Writing exercises
  • Spicing up a relationship
  • Creative projects
  • Fitness routine
  • Problem solving
  • Studying or learning

…the list really is endless!

Comment below or tag me on Instagram and let me know what type of information you were hoping to find inspiration with while using this spread. I hope it’s helpful.

37749298_1883883798571953_4430028499742359552_n*As a note:  For card #4 this means that whatever card (or cards if you want!) are pulled the imagery on the card is what you’re paying attention to. Symbols, colours, text – anything that has to do with how the card looks – not the card meaning. For example the 3 of Swords in the Rider Waite deck wouldn’t be taken as the traditional “heartbreak” type meaning and instead you’d notice elements like cloudy or rainy day, gray, brown (dirt), outdoors, red, hearts, swords, the number 3.


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