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Tarot Spread – Honoring the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine energy lives in all of us (men and women) and I encourage everyone to try this spread regardless of your gender!

The perfect spread to honor your divine feminine regardless of what gender you identify as. We all carry within us Divine Feminine & Masculine energy that we must learn to balance.

So many in our society fight for female equality but we fight with the wrong type of energy…. we cannot say we stand for women when we stand only with fiery masculine energy. The battle of equality will only be won when we finally understand how to fight WITH the feminine.

So I ask you, how can we embrace the divine feminine AS TRUTH instead of masking it with masculine energy?

Female Energy Divine Feminine Mother's Day Spread (1)

– Standing in Your Power (Improving Confidence)
– Finding Life’s Purpose
– Allowing Yourself to Bloom
– Unlock Your True Potential
– Balancing the Heart Chakra

5 comments on “Tarot Spread – Honoring the Divine Feminine

  1. I am so happy you shared this! I cant wait to try it ❤🤗

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