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Tarot Spread – Greatest Birthday Reading

As some of you may know, my birthday is January 20th. Seeing as it’s so close to the New Year, I find it’s redundant for me to do those “year ahead” type spreads where I focus on the standard family, friends, love, finances, career, travel, etc.

I’m always striving to add some spice to my tarot routine and ask different questions each time I do a spread. I wanted to share this birthday spread in the event you’re also looking to shake things up.Β  I understand a spread like this may not be for everyone but perhaps it’s for you!

If you’re wanting a more basic or well-rounded spread, you can visit my other birthday spread πŸ™‚

I wanted a spread that would focus on the highlights of the year without being too specific but something that I could look back on to see how accurate 1 individual card was to sum up the life event.

Most of the time when creating spreads I imagine them done with the standard tarot deck, but some of them I actually create and intend for them to be used with oracle cards. This is one of those spreads I created with oracle cards in mind. Of course, the standard tarot would work too if that’s what you feel drawn to use.

birthday spread (1)

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