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Tarot Spread – Connecting with Spirit Guide

Find out which Spirit Guide is currently helping you and what messages they have for you!

Find out which Spirit Guide is currently helping you and what messages they have for you!

I feel like I have shared a few Spirit Guide spreads on my website already but it’s because I genuinely love doing them!

I also find that many of you really appreciate the Spirit Guide spreads because you are either fearful of connecting or it’s something you have never done before because you weren’t sure how. I’m pleased that my spreads have helped you open up a conversation with your Spirit Guides (or if you would like to think of this spread as being with your Higher Self, God, Angels, Source – anything that resonates with you is perfect!).

Spirit Guides conversation tarot spread (2) (1)

Channeling Your Divine Gifts
– Help from Spirit Guides
– Angel Guidance
– Spirit Guides
– Balancing Your Root Chakra
– Unlock Your True Potential




8 comments on “Tarot Spread – Connecting with Spirit Guide

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