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Tarot Spread – Law of Attraction

A year ago I became familiar with the Law of Attraction. Like everything in my life, this information came to me in divine timing.

There were plenty of times in my life where things I wanted had coincidentally come true. I never thought anything of it. I had chalked it up to the fact that I was lucky some of the time… But then I had my first experience with consciously manifesting.

I have experienced a handful of profound and spiritually enlightening lessons. Coincidentally (ha) this particular manifestation occurred right in the middle of one of those experiences.

I had gone through a serious breakup and my life was changing. I was in a transition period. I knew where I was going next but I had a few weeks of limbo where I had to tie up some loose ends. (This sounds like a metaphor but I was actually moving halfway across the country and had to deal with the logistics.)

The breakup and the impending move were both too sad or stressful to spend time thinking about. They were constant topics of conversation (understandably) but I wanted to purify my inner realm of having to think about them. So I decided to concentrate my energy on this random desire that I had. I thought about it all the time. Before I went to bed, during my morning commute, when I daydreamed at work, etc… I allowed this desire to consume me simply because it made me feel good to think about.

Within a week, this desire came true. To this day I’m convinced the desire would not have manifested had I not thought about it. It was such a random desire that it coming true didn’t rationally make any sense. (I would later learn that this is how the Law of Attraction works, it doesn’t have to “make sense”.)

A few months later I heard about this Law of Attraction where we attract things that we set our vibrational match to. This vibrational escrow exists where all of our desires are waiting for us. They are in escrow until we can set our vibrational match to them, and then they can manifest.

Everything I heard about the Law of Attraction resonated with me. I realized this is what I had done many times in my life without being consciously aware of (the good and the bad).

So here we are, a year later, and I’m continuing to manifest bigger and better. I am starting to truly grasp how readily available my vibrational escrow is to me. To all of us.

This tarot spread will help you dig deeper into your current vibrational frequency. Allow it to help you find any blockages and allow abundance to flow. I hope you enjoy!

LOA (1)
– Self Care: Checking In with Yourself

17 comments on “Tarot Spread – Law of Attraction

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  2. I love the idea of this spread! I pulled for myself and got a seemingly very negative card in the second position, 3 of swords, suffering. How would you interpret this? I should allow more suffering?
    1st ace of cups
    3rd lovers
    4th strength
    5th ace of wands
    6th 10 of pentacle

    • That is a beautiful and very powerful reading! First, the Ace of Cups as the vibration you are emitting is very wonderful. The positive aspects of the 3 of Swords are Understanding, Sobering, losing beautiful but false illusions. This paired with the Lovers in your 3rd space (being more open to love) leads me to think that perhaps you have a fantasy or illusion when it comes to love that you have to let go of. Alternatively, the 3 of Swords could mean that you hold on to some disappointment or sadness from the past in relation to love that should be dealt with (open to receiving) in order to acquire the 3rd card – the Lovers. I hope that makes sense! 🙂

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  8. Hi,
    I did this reading on attracting a friend back into my life. Can you help me interpret the last half of this reading? The 5th and 6th cards are the most confusing to me. Thank you!
    1st card: Judgement
    2nd card: 9 of Pentacles
    3rd card: 6 of Pentacles
    4th card: Ace of Wands
    5th card: Justice
    6th card: Ace of Cups

    • The 5th Card – Justice, could indicate a decision must be made. Perhaps the decision to accept them must move from your heart (and not just from your mind as an idea), must be done so that you can attract them. This could be releasing of old pains or struggles you had with this person and choosing to fully forgive and accept them back. 6th card Ace of Cups is a beautiful one, full of emotion. This could be representative of the friendship you are hoping for and affirming the depth and intensity of the friendship. It is a positive and loving card. It could also just be a reminder that the Universe/Spirit/God (whichever resonates with you) is always there with you to be your truest friend, regardless of this current situation!

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  11. I Did try this spread regarding my acting career and I got great cards but the message from Higher Self/ Source is the 8 of cups and I am a bit confused by that. What would be your interpretation?

    Position 1: 6 of Pentacles
    Position 2: Ace of Swords
    Positions 3: Temperance
    Position 4: Nine of Pentacles
    Position 5: Queen of Cups
    Position 6: 8 of Cups.

    • emeraldlotus

      Glad to hear you tried this spread! I would say the 8 of Cups as a message from your Higher Self/Source would be mindful of your disappointment and being hard on yourself. I see it as a reminder not to withdraw and quit if things get rough, to keep your chin up & keep working hard for what you want 🙂

  12. I am an AVID user and believer of all aspects of the Law of Attraction. I recently moved to a new state to begin Law School, be close to my only child and her family and, to begin a new job – not career. my domestic partner stayed behind to get things in order planning to join me after 3 months. I depend on his monetary support due to my unemployment the last 2 months.
    I am truly enjoying my new environment, the sense of freedom, etc. but my job is at a stalemate – waiting on a govt clearance – 4 months so far!!
    I chose to withdraw from law school because I felt overwhelmed with the costly move, deposits and payments of new rental, payment for assistance to set up new home. anticipating that I would already be working, I did not fear my costs. now that I withdrew from school, I must pay grants/scholarships back! I never stop feeling immense gratefulness and appreciation of all and anything I receive or have.
    my cards 1. ace of cups;
    2. 7/pentacles; 3. 2/wands;
    4. death; 5. king/pentacles;
    6. Queeb/Wanda

    please interpret

  13. does ANYONE interpret?

    • emeraldlotus

      I no longer offer free readings. If you’d like a reading you can book one online.

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