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Tarot Spread – Insights to Your Journey

This spread more than ever I created using the type of questions I enjoy asking my decks the most.  I am a seeker, curious, questioning; constantly looking and exploring both within and outside of myself. My first word was “why?” (which I repeated relentlessly for the first handful of years I was alive, sorry mom). I pressed for the answers to everything.  That quest for knowledge and understanding has become heightened the older I get. The more that the veil delicately blows in the wind and I catch glimpses of the things I forgot at birth, the more my drive is heightened to continue asking why.  Asking the questions led me to spirituality and it continues to guide me on my journey.

I am unsure what to call this spread as it’s a little bit all over the place. I’m not sure if it will resonate with you the way that it does for me… but I sure hope that it does. I enjoy the spreads that dig to the core of what’s going on in my life; how I’m feeling, what I’m missing, what’s to come – that was my intent with this one. Enjoy!



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