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Tarot Spread – Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides, angels, deities, ghosts, source energy, divine beings…whatever you believe… Here’s a spread for those times you want to connect with something higher.

I love using the tarot to practice my channeling. I find it to be beneficial to use a pendulum while I do my spreads. Especially for those times I have a yes/no question I would like answered. If using a pendulum isn’t your thing, try an  ‘even card means yes // odd means no’ type question. Regardless what you choose, be sure to create clear intention in what you are wanting. Try an easy question at first to test out that you are receiving accurate replies. For example, “my name is _____, yes or no?”

My intent with this spread is for it to be a platform or stepping stone for greater communication. I want it to open channels, paths, and doorways for you to be guided further. This spread works with any divination deck. Please don’t feel restricted to only traditional tarot decks.

PS – I am so grateful to everyone who has sent me their spreads they have pulled using my templates. I cannot adequately express how full it makes me feel to know that so many people are enjoying these. I thank you all so much and I will continue to create spreads as long as you want them! Bless xx


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24 comments on “Tarot Spread – Spirit Guides

  1. drlillianesses

    I just did this spread and found it to be very helpful in enhancing my connection with my spirit guides. I find that the best readings are the ones that ring true deep inside and that I already know the answers to but simply have not allowed fully into consciousness. Thank you, Reid, for another wonderful creative spread for increasing awareness through the Tarot.

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  6. I’m very new to the world of tarot and i was wondering if you could help me interpret my reading as i have a very unhelpful guidebook and having trouble deciphering.
    Cards read as:
    1. 10 of earth
    2. Messenger of fire
    3. 2 of earth
    4. High priestess
    5. Sun (upside down/reversed)

    • Hi Sam, I’m happy to help!

      10 of Earth (or pentacles/disks) relates to wealth and security, material security and well-being – I’m assuming that’s what this Guide is here to help you with.

      I’m assuming the Messenger of Fire is the Page of Wands (not sure what deck you are using but I’m guessing 🙂 ) and in this case the Guide is passing you a message of enthusiasm, discovery and is prompting you to embrace your Free Spirit.

      Card 3 – the Guide is telling you there needs to be a major change, perhaps with a job, new fortune or moving homes. They have been trying to get this message to you for a while yet but for some reason you are not accepting the message/it’s perhaps not sinking in :).

      The High Priestess is intuitive and can represent the subconscious mind – your Guide is telling you to use those parts of yourself to communicate more deeply with them (using tarot is a great example of using your intuition to connect deeper to your Guides, so that’s a great start!).

      The Sun reversed, your Guide is helping you with feeling a lack of success (which is why they come and show themselves as the 10 of Earth, ultimate financial success). They’re letting you know that this great financial success or wealth is available to you if you listen and continue your path of deepening your connection to your Guides, following some of the guidance they’re offering.

      I hope that helped! What a wonderful spread, you have a lot of high energy around you it seems, sounds like 2018 could be VERY good to you if you want it to be!

      Please feel free to message back or email me if you have any more questions 🙂 Best of luck on your tarot journey!

  7. I’m still pretty new to tarot (past two weeks), but I decided to try this reading. I have a rough grasp on what it might mean but if you happen to have any input when you have the time (or if you even see this) I would appreciate your take on it. (:

    1. Three of Swords
    2. Two of Swords
    3. Three of Cups
    4. Ten of Cups
    5. Two of Pentacles

    • Hi Claire,

      Of course! Happy to help. Here are just some quick insights I picked up while reading your cards:

      1 – This guide could be helping you with the surprises that life brings. The real curve balls that are unexpected and often very difficult. Often (sadly) the more “negative” lessons that we learn are represented by this card – but the positive side is that the most growth can come from big life lessons.

      2 – The guide is pointing out that there may be some blocked emotions you aren’t wanting to feel or fully deal with. Perhaps this is related to the difficult times mentioned for card 1. In my own personal tarot practice, the Two of Swords can also represent a difficult decision that must be made where both options seem equal and it’s difficult to choose a path.

      3 – The 3 of Cups can represent friends and community, the Guide may be trying to help with your relationships with others. Paired with the 3 of Swords this could be isolation or hurt that it’s helping you deal with.

      4 – The 10 of Cups is very much a happy and full card, again often representing family or community but this time in a very positive way (like a warm hug). It’s likely that when you’re spending time with family/loved ones and feeling your best – this would be a good stepping stone to communicate with your guide. Perhaps after a nice day spent with those you care about when you’re in a positive and uplifted mood feeling supported – doing something like meditating before bed may be beneficial. Alternatively, this could also just be when you’re feeling aligned (and perhaps have nothing to do with family or loved ones) and could just be an inner feeling of feeling good and that this is a great time to connect with your guides. I personally don’t always associate the 10 of Cups to be a family/community card but I know it is traditionally seen that way, depends what deck I’m using! Regardless, you will be most receptive to what they’re trying to communicate to you when you’re feeling good.

      5 – They’re helping you to find balance and happiness. Perhaps this is after a disappointing experience (reflected in the first couple cards pulled) they’re helping you to get back to a place of being balanced, letting go and having fun!

      I hope that helps! Feel free to let me know your thoughts either by replying or send me an email/message me on Instagram/etc. 🙂

      Best of luck on your tarot journey!!
      – Reid

      • Thank you so much for the insight! I’m curious, can the first card regarding surprises refer to events that have happened in the past, or is it something that will happen soon? I experienced a pretty brutal breakup, but it was last October, so it’s been a while and hasn’t really been a negative thing in my life anymore. I thought I’d already forgiven and moved on. Perhaps I’ve got more soul-searching to do.

        Thanks again! Your spreads are fun to try and I really feel like I’m getting better. Still have a ways to go, haha.

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  9. Okay using my tarot apokalypsis tarot deck i drew these cards

    1. Princess of cups
    2.Prince of swords
    3 nine of cups
    4 the fool
    5 the all gifted
    Can anyone help me understand please

  10. mcgeitner

    What a nice spread to use thank you!

    1. Knight of wands
    2. 8 of wands
    3. Hanged man
    4. The high priestress
    5. Queen of swords

  11. Brittany Topham

    Hi I’m new to tarot as well! Could you help interpret this for me? Thanks in advance!

    1. The star
    2. The devil
    3. Seven of swords
    4. five of pentacles
    5. Ace of swords

  12. Hi there I’m fairly new to tarot and was wondering if you could give me an idea as to what you think of my reading. One other thing is I had ‘The Magician’ and ‘The High Priestess’ sitting out of the reading and used them as suppor. Also, I had a moonstone, selenite bar, amythyst and a small blue square stone (3rd eye opener) sitting on the same cloth as I had my cards. I don’t know if that makes a difference. I used The Beginner’s Guide to Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and it went like this:

    1. Strength
    2. Ten of Cups
    3. Two of Swords (reversed)
    4. Page of Wands (reversed)
    5. Nine of Wands (reversed)

    Thank you 🙂

    • emeraldlotus

      Hi, so sorry I’m not doing any more free readings. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for. Best of luck on your tarot journey!

  13. Jessica Macbeth

    Very helpful! Thank you for creating the layout. I’ve been reading cards for a very long time, and I found this layout so useful, that I promptly called a friend and we did the layout for her as well. Lots of productive things to think about! Thanks again!

    • emeraldlotus

      Amazing! I’m so happy to hear that. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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  16. Cari Chow

    Hi there, when asking a simple question such as your example of your own name, do i shuffle my deck and then just grab a card from the top to get my simple answers to start? (Even cards meaning yes, odd meaning no)

    • emeraldlotus

      If that’s how you want to read then absolutely! Whatever feels right for you. I tend to grab a card from the middle of the deck and split the deck but I know plenty of people who grab the top card 🙂

  17. I was looking for something different than the Celtic Cross layout and found this spread. I’m using the Goddess Tarot deck by Kris Waldherr

    1. Estanatlehi, reversed- it’s time to look at where my life needs fertilizing.
    2. Ace of Cups- beginning of an important relationship with myself and connecting with Source
    3. Seven of Swords, reversed- been holding onto guilt and paranoia in the past, time to release them
    4. Yemana, reversed- need to find peace within in, be more grounded
    5. Seven of Staves, reversed- where there’s conflict there’s a need for compassion, Working WITH others compassionately NOT AGAINST them.

Did you try this spread? What did you think?

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