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Tarot Spread – Unleash Creativity

This morning I was doing some work on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and it inspired me to create this tarot spread.  I wanted to infuse the HTML palette into something traditional like the tarot; I feel this accurately represents the way I view the world and my thought process. I love the digital age we are currently in but I also find myself drawn to mysticism and ancient practices.

Finding my creative energy and channeling it appropriately can be harder than it sounds. I tend to have a lot of the energy circling within but allowing that release can often prove quite difficult. I designed this tarot spread to help with those moments – forcing us to stop and look within for the best way to release the creative energy that is stored inside all of us.


2 comments on “Tarot Spread – Unleash Creativity

  1. drlillianesses

    This is a very unique and creative spread to assist in discovering more about inspiration within. I tried it and got a whole lot out of it…especially the reminders about what might be holding me back and what my greatest gifts are for opening the gates of my creativity. When I completed the reading, I looked at the spread and saw the shape of an ear. This is how I will remember it…a metaphor for listening within. Thank you, Reid, for sharing your insights and ideas about the Tarot.

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